Hayward Air Rally

Hayward Air Rally

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2014 Entry Kit is now available

Scholarship Recipients Announced

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Updated 9-Jan-2014: 2014 Lodging Information - Make Your Reservation at all the stops on the route

2014 - 50th Anniversary Rally Announcement

2013 Course now available - movie and photos too!

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New for 2014:

50th Annual Hayward Air Rally

July 24-27, 2014


In 2014, the Hayward Air Rally is going to Oshkosh!
For more information about this grand flying adventure, please click here.

Hotel and lodging information is available here.

The entry application form is available here.

Time Until The First Starting Flag for the 50th Annual Rally:

In order to reserve a starting position for you in 2014, we need to ask for a $50 refundable deposit. It is refundable in the event that you withdraw from the Rally more than 4 months prior to the advertised launch date, or if the Commitee cancels the event. Please click the Add To Cart button below to reserve your place for this once in a lifetime event. To reserve your starting position for the 2014 50th Anniversary Event:

The Rally awards much more than just 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Here are some of the other fun awards for 2013:

Special 2013 Awards
Performance Award Race 11, Mitzi Saylor (again!)
Red Baron Award Race 711, Ed Laskey and Karen Cheney
Worst Fuel Score Race 711, Ed Laskey and Karen Cheney
Best Overall Time Score Race 20, Dave Hindi and Jeff Zalewski (6 seconds total!)
Best Renter Race 24, Tim Ronan
Worst Time Score Race 14, Jim Agua
Tail End Charlie Race 3, Dan VanDussen (2003 points)
Sightseeing (highest MSL) Race 64, Tom Best
Most Lost (biggest distance to a checkpoint) Race 75, Tim Huckabay (9.3683 nm away!)
Highest Altitude at Timing-1 Race 4, Jim Stimmel (1867' AGL)
Highest Altitude at Timing-2 Race 3, Dan VanDussen (1347' AGL)
Top Gun (highest % speed @ Timing) Race 73, Sam Sun (127.54% of cruise)
Wright Flyer (lowest % speed @ Timing) Race 15, Ken Dyche (33.3% of cruise)

Time to start getting ready for the 50th Annual Hayward Rally in 2014. We are going from Hayward to Oshkosh!

Read more about it here.

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Rally Description

The annual Hayward Air Rally gives aviators a chance to test their flight planning, navigation and pilotage skills. The actual course is announced the day before the Rally during the briefings (the checkpoints change every year and the exact course flown is chosen by the pilot). The course consists of two legs, each up to 250 nautical miles:

  1. Hayward, California (HWD) to an intermediate refueling stop (RDD - Redding, California for 2011)
  2. The intermediate stop to the destination airport (BDN - Bend, Oregon for 2011)

Along the way there are several checkpoints which must be identified. Prior to departure from Hayward each pilot turns in estimates of their times and fuel consumption for each of the two legs.

Rally participants are scored on a combination of:

  • Identifying Check Points
  • Matching Predicted Time (to the second)
  • Matching Predicted Fuel Used (to the tenth of a percent)

Penalty points are accumulated for misidentifying checkpoints (250 points each) and deviations from the time (1 or 3 points per second, depending on class of entry) and fuel estimates (3 points per 0.1% difference from estimated, with a 2x multiplier in the Digital Class). The lowest score wins, and our 2011 winner accrued just 64 points!

Sounds easy, doesn't it? Did we mention that for the Traditional Class, you may not use any of the following?

  • GPS
  • DME
  • RNAV
  • Digital Fuel Flow Meter

Now does it sound a bit more challenging?