Hayward Air Rally

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Past Years' Rallies


This event has been held continuously since 1965. This event is the longest running Air Rally of its kind in the country.

  • The original destination was Las Vegas, Nevada
  • In 1997 the destination was changed to Laughlin, Nevada
  • In 2007 the destination was changed to Palm Springs, California
  • In 2009 the destination was changed to Bend, Oregon
  • In 2014, for the 50th Annual Rally, the destination was Oshkosh, Wisconsin and EAA AirVenture
  • In 2016 the destination was changed to Reno, Nevada
  • In 2019 the destination was changed to Laughlin, Nevada
  • In 2020 and 2021 we flew a "round-robin" course back to NorCal due to the pandemic
  • In 2022 we returned to Bend, Oregon
  • In 2023 we flew a single leg course to Livermore

Many things have been changed over the years, not just the destination. There have been several different scoring systems used. We have tried to summarize them based on the information we have, but sadly, our history is incomplete.

We do have searchable scoring results for each year since 1978 (except 1981).  Prior to 1978, we have scanned the score sheets into PDF files available below.

Rally Courses

Even more interesting for some are the courses we have flown in past Rallies. At the briefing held the day before the Rally, each team is provided with the Race Book for that year. The Race Book contains the procedures for the Rally, and more importantly, the checkpoints which define the course to be flown. Click on the year to see the course flown and for some years provide a PDF copy of the Race Book. We try to collect photos from each Rally and post them here for everyone to view. Enjoy!