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Description of the Rally

2015 - 51st Annual

For 2105, the Rally is returning to our historical format of a single flying day starting if Hayward, stopping in Redding and ending in Bend, OR.

2014 - 50th Annual

Over the 50 year history of the Rally, originally known as the Hayward-Las Vegas Air Race, the event has been a single day of flying and competition.

For the 50th Annual, we planned a much longer trip, from Hayward, CA to Oshkosh, WI. You can read more about it here.

The First 49 Years

The following description summarizes what we have done in the past. For 2014, the basic structure and scoring is the same, but it is a three day trip to Oshkosh.

The annual Hayward Air Rally gives aviators a chance to test their flight planning, navigation and pilotage skills. The actual course is announced the day before the Rally during the briefings (the checkpoints change every year and the exact course flown is chosen by the pilot). The course consists of two legs, each up to 250 nautical miles:

  1. Hayward, California (HWD) to an intermediate refueling stop (RDD - Redding, California)
  2. The intermediate stop to the destination airport (BDN - Bend, Oregon)

Along the way there are several checkpoints which must be identified. Prior to departure from Hayward each pilot turns in estimates of their times and fuel consumption for each of the two legs.

Rally participants are scored on a combination of:

  • Identifying Check Points
  • Matching Predicted Time (to the second)
  • Matching Predicted Fuel Used (to the tenth of a percent)

Penalty points are accumulated for misidentifying checkpoints (250 points each) and deviations from the time (1 or 3 points per second, depending on class of entry) and fuel estimates (3 points per 0.1% difference from estimated, with a 2x multiplier in the Digital Class). The lowest score wins, and our 2007 winner accrued just 98 points!

Sounds easy, doesn't it? Did we mention that for the Traditional Class, you may not use any of the following?

  • GPS
  • DME
  • RNAV
  • Digital Fuel Flow Meter

Now does it sound a bit more challenging?

Take a look at the rally courses and pilot handbooks for past years to get a better idea about the details of what is required.