Hayward Air Rally

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2005 Scoring Rules


The winning aircraft will be determined by the following formula:

1. Time errors will accumulate at the rate of one point for each second off estimate.

2. Fuel errors will accumulate at the rate of three points for each 1/10th of a percent off estimate.

3. Penalty points will be assessed for failure to pass and identify any and all checkpoints designated by the committee.

4. Penalty points may be assessed at the discretion of the committee for offenses such as: violation of TCA (Class B Airspace), illegible race numbers or flight practices resulting in hazards to other aircraft.

5. Bonus points (minus 20 points each) are awarded for correct identification of the optional bonus checkpoints. Crews can decide whether they wish to overfly these points; incorrect answers are not penalized but correct answers result in a lowering of your penalty point score.

6. Time, fuel, bonus, and penalty error points will be added, with the lowest total points being considered the winner.

Time will be calculated from take-off signal (to be explained in the pilots handbook) at Hayward to the airborne timing point near Bakersfield and from the take-off signal at Bakersfield to the airborne timing point near Laughlin/Bullhead City.

No "time-off" will be given by the tower. Every pilot is responsible for their own time off. Pilots are advised to consider taxi time to all points, plus fuel consumed between passing the airborne timing point and landing.

Scoring Example - An entrant declares the following pre-flight estimates for each flight leg: Leg 1- 2hr 00min 00sec and 18.0 gallons fuel; Leg 2- 2hr 15min 00sec and 20.0 gallons fuel.

  • The actual enroute times and fuel burn for this hypothetical example were Leg 1 - 01:59:30 with 17.5 gallons, and Leg 2 - 02:16:00 with 20.5 gallons.
  • One mandatory checkpoint was missed on the second leg, and all bonus checkpoints were correctly answered.
  • Time Scoring:
    • Leg 1 is 30 seconds early for 30 points.
    • Leg 2 is 60 seconds late for 60 points.
  • Fuel Scoring:
    • Leg 1 is 0.5 gallons (2.8%) over-estimate error, worth 83 points.
    • Leg 2 is 0.5 gallons (2.5%) under-estimate error, worth 75 points.
  • Checkpoints:
    • One mandatory checkpoint missed on second leg is 250 points
    • Two correct bonus checkpoints each award minus 20 points.
  • Total Leg 1 (30 for time) + (83 for fuel) + (-20 for bonus checkpoint) = 93 points
  • Total Leg 2 (60 for time) + (75 for fuel) + (250 for missed mandatory checkpoint) + (-20 for bonus checkpoint) = 365 points

Total Cumulative Score: 458 points