Hayward Air Rally

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2016 - 52nd Annual Rally - Course Information


The 2016 Hayward Air Rally was held June 23-26, 2016.  The new destination this year was Reno/Stead (RTS), Nevada.

Click on these links to download PDF versions of the final score sheets:

View the 2016 Picture Gallery

Congratulations to the 2016 winners:

Tim Ronan and Michael Saboff, Race 24 with just 86 points.

2016 Race 24
2016 Race 24 Starting Flag

In addition to the usual 1st-10th place awards, several other special awards were handed out.  We like to recognize outstanding performance at both ends of the spectrum!

Special 2016 Awards
Red Baron Award Race 8, Kim Purcell and Rob Kirkpatrick
Stenbock MPG Award Race 6, Roger Stenbock
Worst Fuel Score Race 13, Sandy Munns & Steve Alcorn (17.6 gallons wrong)
Most Lost (biggest distance to a checkpoint) Race 5, Mike Citro (where are those checkpoints?)
Best Rookie (First Time) Racer Race 16, Mark Ryan & Colleen Patton
Top Gun (highest % speed @ Timing) Race 20, David Hindi (117.7% of cruise)
Wright Flyer (lowest % speed @ Timing) Race 15, Ken Dyche (40.8% of cruise)
Masters Class Race 73, Sam Sun, solo
Tail End Charlie Race 13, Sandy Munns & Steve Alcorn (4891 points)

As a bonus, this track earned the Most Lost award:

Most Lost Track

Each of the Rally's two legs each include:

  • 1 Start Point
  • 3 Mandatory Checkpoints
  • 1 Bonus Checkpoint
  • 1 Timing Point
  • 1 Stop Point

The checkpoints, and therefore the course, change every year.  The required checkpoints which define the course are announced the day before the race (see the race schedule) at the briefing and are documented in the race book provided to each team.  The exact course flown is chosen by the pilot of each aircraft.  Remember, this is not a speed race, it is a proficiency event; accuracy counts.

So that prospective racers can get better idea of the materials provided during the briefing, a PDF copy of the 2016 Race Book is available for download here.

Checkpoints are to be overflown by race aircraft. Each checkpoint can be adequately identified from the air. The two timing points at Checkpoint Howie and Checkpoint Hallelujah are also overflown and race officials on the ground will record the time overhead the timing line. The answers to the 2016 checkpoint questions are here.

The 2016 course is described here to provide an example only, the 2017 course will be different, and will not be announced until shortly before the race during the briefings

The 2016 course included the following checkpoints and stops:

Approximate 2016 Race Course:

2016 Rally Tacks

Apparently someone expected that the Arbiter of Penalty Points Awarded and Subtracted (aka the scoring official) might be bribed.  To that end, this was presented to him at impound:

Penaly Points Immunity Kit

Please rest assured that his integrity cannot be compromised with fudge graham crackers (but to be fair, he does really enjoy those).  It's going to take at least a really nice bottle of champagne!