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2020 - 56th Annual Hayward Air Rally - Course Information

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The 2020 Hayward Air Rally was held October 17, 2020. 
The destination this year was Tracy, California.

Click on these links to download PDF versions of the final score sheets:

View the 2020 Picture Gallery - Most Photos Courtesy of Carl La Rue

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Congratulations to the 2020 winners:

Race 11 - Mitzi and Dave Saylor

Race 11

Each of the Rally's two legs each include:

  • 1 Start Point
  • 3 Mandatory Checkpoints
  • 1 Bonus Checkpoint
  • 1 Timing Point
  • 1 Stop Point

The checkpoints, and therefore the course, change every year.  The required checkpoints which define the course are announced the day before the race (see the race schedule) at the briefing and are documented in the race book provided to each team.  The exact course flown is chosen by the pilot of each aircraft.  Remember, this is not a speed race, it is a proficiency event; accuracy counts.

So that prospective racers can get better idea of the materials provided during the briefing, a PDF copy of the 2020 Race Book is available for download here.

Checkpoints are to be overflown by Rally aircraft. Each checkpoint can be adequately identified from the air and a multiple choice question must be answered to prove that you properly identified each checkpoint. The answers to the 2020 checkpoint questions are here.

The two airborne timing points at Checkpoint Corona and Checkpoint Vaccine are also overflown and Rally officials on the ground will record the time overhead the timing line.  In 2020 we also started using custom built ADS-B data loggers (we call it the RallyAware, based on the PiAware project) to more precise calculate timing line crossings based on aircraft-generated position reports.

The 2020 course is described here to provide an example only, the 2021 course will be different, and will not be announced until shortly before the race during the briefing

The 2020 course included the following checkpoints and stops:

Approximate 2020 Race Course

This is the approximate course as each racer is free to choose their own route to navigate to the various checkpoints.  Here's the planned course over the checkpoints:

2020 Course

This shows the actual GPS track data from most of the airplanes.  Not everyone flies the course in straight lines.

2020 GPS Tracks